It all begins now!!!

This is my first post from the the “Foothills of Mt Kenya”. The day is rainy, therefore, the Mt Kenya is fully hidden by the clouds. I will sharing pictures of the Mountain and the environment  in a future posts when it becomes visible.

The idea behind the “Foothills of Mt Kenya” is to unbundle the wisdom of the ancestors of the Kikuyu tribesmen who lived on the foothills of the as as family/clan based agro-pastoralists. They did not have reading and writing skills so knowledge was shared or passed on through the word of mouth. Overtime, they developed proverbs which encapsulate knowledge and wisdom around the various aspects of their life.

I will be analyzing the different Kikuyu proverbs with a view to explaining what they mean and how they can be applied to the various aspects of personal and business development. I will be also , where possible,  be comparing each proverb with similar English sayings.





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